Monthly Archives: June 2016

Do you have anything to fix the rubber contact on my remote?

MG Chemicals 8339 Rubber Keypad repair kit can fix the rubber contact on your remote! The guide below gives an overview of the product as well as instructions for using the product.  Along with many other MG Chemicals products, the Rubber Keypad repair kit can be found at MTE Solutions. Take me there!  

Solder Paste is Fundamental to Successful Electronics Assembly

In continuing with our theme of the importance of solder paste, here is another post from Indium. In addition to being key to successful electronics assembly it is also important to remember that starting with a good solder paste is equally important. The following post was written by Dr. Ron Lasky of Indium Corporation. A lot […]

Meet MTE’s new LED partner, Marl International

MTE is excited to now offer Marl LED products. The post below offers an introduction to our new LED partner and also includes some product information. Look for more Marl product information to come!     Marl Product Blog… Issued By:  Graham Round:     To Marl North American Representatives and Distributors:   This Blog […]