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This post was written by Tracie Cooper and originally appeared on We picked it out because it does a great job describing how you can select the different components that make up your video inspection system. HOW TO CREATE YOUR VIDEO INSPECTION SYSTEM Posted by Tracie Cooper There are a lot of options available […]

Flux Cleaning Myths, Basics

We found the following article, originally posted by ACL Staticide, valuable for providing insight into flux cleaning and some of the common misconceptions associated with it. If you would like more information about flux cleaning or ACL Staticide products feel free to contact us. MTE is a proud distributor of ACL Staticide.   Flux Cleaning Myths, […]

Matching Reflow Profiles to Solder Paste Specifications

The video from our partners at Indium  included in this post explains how engineers, technicians, and managers can match re-flow profiles to solder paste specifications to ensure that the re-flow profile is correct. No matter what your solder paste application is the solder paste experts at Indium and MTE Solutions can help you solve it.  […]