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How to Select the Right Microscope or Video Inspection System

Posted by Mark Kanpurwala, Aven Inc.   Choosing the right inspection system for your application can be a daunting task. For industrial applications 3 types of inspection systems are generally used. This guide describes these systems, their common applications along with pros & cons.   Stereo Zoom Microscope   The stereo zoom microscope is the […]

In Soldering, What is an NWO?

 When you hear the term NWO, you might think of late 1990’s professional wrestling.  However, in the world of soldering, NWO has its own unique meaning. NWO stands for “Non-Wet Open.”  An “open” occurs when solder has not effected a physical connection/bond between two items (pads, leads, terminations, etc.). “Non-wetting” occurs when the conditions (materials, […]