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Here you can find previous blog entries from MTE Solutions. The posts are listed by the month they were written in. MTE blogs about a variety of topics including new product information, company news, and events. We also post information provided by our manufacturers to help inform customers with regards to specific applications of our large product offering. 

New from MG Chemicals- Epoxy Potting and Encapsulating Compounds

New from MG Chemicals- Two Part Compounding Dispensing Systems

Learn about color standards, best practices, OSHA regulations and more!

Floor Marking Guide – Color Standards & Best Practices   Learn how to implement floor marking color standards and best practices to improve your facility operations. This guide will help you understand: Color guidelines for marking aisles, equipment areas, safety hazards and more How color guides relate to OSHA and ANSI standards How-to tips for […]

Aven Product Launch Showcase 2017

MTE Solutions and our partner Aven Tools invite you to to take an exclusive look at Aven’s new innovations in inspection and precision assembly. Check it out to see what  new products Aven has in store for 2017!      

Introducing Project 99: Wave Soldering Challenges Solved!

Introducing Project 99: Wave Soldering Challenges Solved! Contact Eric Slezak Posted On: January 23rd, 2017 | Created in the Indium Corporation R&D labs, four exciting wave soldering fluxes – known as Project 99 – are ready to solve your challenges and save the world! Project 99 is a fun way to talk about Indium Corporation’s […]


The 841AR Super ShieldTM Nickel Conductive Coating protects electronic devices in plastic enclosures from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (“EMI/RFI”). It is a durable acrylic lacquer pigmented with a high purity nickel flake. It is an easy to use, aerosol, solvent based system, with no heat cure necessary. It has excellent conductivity, strong adhesion to […]

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Why Solder Paste is Not a Commodity: Properties that Make a Superior Solder Paste

This blog entry and video were made by Dr. Ron Lasky and Indium Corporation   Check out the video above to find out why solder paste isn’t a commodity. If you’re in need of solder paste MTE Solutions always keeps Indium’s superior solder paste in-stock.   Solder paste is not a commodity, and it is […]

5 Reasons to Use Conformal Coatings on PCBs

This blog is from Dymax corporation.   Each year the electronics industry calls for smaller printed circuit boards (PCBs) to function in more aggressive and rigorous environments. To achieve this, boards are coated with thin-layer polymers- called conformal coatings– that are applied to the surface of PCBs to protect and insulate the circuit from harsh […]

Brady Debuts QR Code Labels on its BMP®61 and BBP®31 Printers

Scannable labels provide users with quick printer and registration information MILWAUKEE, Wis. (November 22, 2016) — Brady (NYSE:BRC), a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, today announced its inclusion of QR code labels on BMP®61 and BBP®31 printers. These QR codes can be scanned with a QR code app on mobile […]

MG Chemicals


The next installment of our MG Chemicals product highlight series is the 842AR-Super Shield Silver Conductive Coating.   The 842AR Silver Conductive Coating is a highly conductive coating that protects electronic devices in plastic enclosures from high frequency electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (“EMI/RFI”). It is a durable acrylic lacquer pigmented with a high purity silver […]

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Your “Common Cause Floor” will Help Define a Reasonable DPMO Target in Electronics Manufacturing

The following blog is the next installment of our Indium blog series. The following post was written by Dr. Ron Lasky of Indium Corporation.   Let’s look in on Patty; it has been a very long time……… Patty left her house in Woodstock VT very early on her way to Ivy University. She chuckled at […]

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Stop Using an Outdated Label Printer!

Solder Redefined

    Considering the relentless push for higher power densities, coupled with increased cycling, a lot is being asked of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). Hybrid electric vehicles, green energy, and power management are just a few of the industries taking advantage of IGBT technology. The increased demand on the IGBT cascades down to the interconnect […]

MG Chemicals


Attention Hobbyists! MG Chemicals has a new conductive coating, the 843AR. Check out the product information sheet below to see if it fits your application, The 843AR can be found on MTE Solutions online store.   340G Size:   900ML Size:   3.78L Size:    

Indium Blog Post: Solder Alloy Density Equation: Why What Most People Think is Right is Wrong

The following blog post was written by Dr. Ron Lasky of Indium corporation. We found this article on solder alloy density interesting and we think you will too! Read below to learn more about a common mistake made when calculating solder alloy density. Folks, It’s hard to believe but I have been blogging for over […]

Marl 690 Series UL Approved LED Panel Indicator

  690 Series UL Approved LED Panel Indicator:   Features:                                                                  Benefits: Ø9.6 (3/4”) Mounting                                               Optional “D” Mounting Style aids Anti-Rotation UL Certified – Certificate # E349017                     North American Accreditation Black Anodised Aluminium Housing                   Suitable for Fixed and Portable Equipment Sealed to IP67 – Weatherproof                              Suitable for External Applications Flat Water Clear Lens                                             Water Clear Lens […]

New Product from MG Chemicals: 841AR-P – NICKEL CONDUCTIVE PEN

If you are interested in buying the 841AR-P you can find it at MTE Solutions here.

Indium Avoid the Void

Achieving 8% Voiding When Soldering Bottom-Terminated Components

    A soldering paper at SMTAI 2016 on void reduction in bottom-terminated components. The SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) was started in 1984 as a non-profit organization to foster education in the then new field of surface mount electronic assembly. Since then it has expanded to include all of electronic assembly. For many it […]

What’s new at Aven? The Cyclops HDMI Digital Microscope

Introducing the new Aven Cyclops HDMI Digital Microscope! This innovative inspection scope connects directly to a monitor through a convenient 1080p HDMI output allowing operators to see high quality images while looking straight ahead at a large screen, rather than hunching over narrow microscope eyepieces. A large working distance and 30 LEDs that can be […]

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The Positive Environmental Impact of Indium

The following blog post from Indium corporation written by Carol Gowans of Indium.  You can find MTE Solutions stock of Indium here.   Indium is an ingredient in many low-melting point solder alloys, helping reduce the energy required to assembly numerous products. I recently received an inquiry from an area high school sophomore who was […]


Recently MG Chemicals new PLA Filaments were put to the test by industry experts and the results are impressive. “How many times have you read the “newer”, “better”, “faster” ads and walked away wondering what drug that ad agency was using? With MG’s new offering, I have seen an upgrade that is a better all […]

Permabond Tech Tip – Cyanoacrylate

Brady has a brand new inkjet printer!

Brady now offers an inkjet printer. Read below for more product information. If you are interested in the Brady J5000 printer you can find it here.  MTE Solutions is a Brady Platinum distributor and your go-to source for Brady products.  

MG Chemicals Product Spotlight 8481-Premium Carbon Conductive Grease

Next up in our MG Chemicals product spotlight series is the 8481 Premium Carbon Conductive Grease.  All of the sizes are available for purchase at MTE Solutions. You can find them here.

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If you are interested in the 838AR you can find it here 838AR – TOTAL GROUND™ CARBON CONDUCTIVE COATING New The 838AR Total Ground Carbon Conductive Coating is an economical conductive paint that is used to create grounded, conductive, static free surfaces, or to provide cost effective shielding from electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) […]

Indium Gold Preforms

Choosing the Right Gold Solder Alloy for Hermetic Package Sealing

Written By Bernard Leavitt, Indium Corporation   The demand for hermetic packages that house laser diodes is growing, and companies that traditionally made RF/microwave packages are now expanding their businesses into optical packages. What makes optical package manufacturing unique is the variety of end uses and operational temperatures. As a result, the assembly materials options have […]

MG Chemicals 824-1L Isopropyl Alcohol


This week we take a look at MG Chemicals 824, which can be found here.  

Indium 8.9 lead free solder paste

Sustaining Process Improvement is Often the Most Difficult Task

This post was written by Indium Corporation’s Ron Lasky Folks, It looks like Patty is a little down…. A sad event happened near her house. The fawn that was born a few weeks ago, appears to have been killed, most likely by a bear. A neighbor spotted what appeared to be a leg from the […]

Brady BMP61 Printer and Accessories

Comparing the Brady TLS2200 and the new BMP61 Printers

Have an old Brady TLS2200? This chart shows you why it’s time to upgrade to a new, more user-friendly printer, the BMP61. You can find more info on the BMP61 here.    

MG Chemicals Flux Remover for PC Boards, Heavy Duty Flux Remover, Super wash

What is the white residue on my board after using the flux remover? MG Chemcials Appguide

MG Chemicals flux remover can be found here at MTE Solutions.