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Solder Redefined

    Considering the relentless push for higher power densities, coupled with increased cycling, a lot is being asked of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). Hybrid electric vehicles, green energy, and power management are just a few of the industries taking advantage of IGBT technology. The increased demand on the IGBT cascades down to the interconnect […]


Attention Hobbyists! MG Chemicals has a new conductive coating, the 843AR. Check out the product information sheet below to see if it fits your application, The 843AR can be found on MTE Solutions online store.   340G Size:   900ML Size:   3.78L Size:    

Marl 690 Series UL Approved LED Panel Indicator

  690 Series UL Approved LED Panel Indicator:   Features:                                                                  Benefits: Ø9.6 (3/4”) Mounting                                               Optional “D” Mounting Style aids Anti-Rotation UL Certified – Certificate # E349017                     North American Accreditation Black Anodised Aluminium Housing                   Suitable for Fixed and Portable Equipment Sealed to IP67 – Weatherproof                              Suitable for External Applications Flat Water Clear Lens                                             Water Clear Lens […]

Achieving 8% Voiding When Soldering Bottom-Terminated Components

    A soldering paper at SMTAI 2016 on void reduction in bottom-terminated components. The SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) was started in 1984 as a non-profit organization to foster education in the then new field of surface mount electronic assembly. Since then it has expanded to include all of electronic assembly. For many it […]

What’s new at Aven? The Cyclops HDMI Digital Microscope

Introducing the new Aven Cyclops HDMI Digital Microscope! This innovative inspection scope connects directly to a monitor through a convenient 1080p HDMI output allowing operators to see high quality images while looking straight ahead at a large screen, rather than hunching over narrow microscope eyepieces. A large working distance and 30 LEDs that can be […]

The Positive Environmental Impact of Indium

The following blog post from Indium corporation written by Carol Gowans of Indium.  You can find MTE Solutions stock of Indium here.   Indium is an ingredient in many low-melting point solder alloys, helping reduce the energy required to assembly numerous products. I recently received an inquiry from an area high school sophomore who was […]