Introducing Project 99: Wave Soldering Challenges Solved!

Introducing Project 99: Wave Soldering Challenges Solved!

Created in the Indium Corporation R&D labs, four exciting wave soldering fluxes – known as Project 99 – are ready to solve your challenges and save the world!

Project 99 is a fun way to talk about Indium Corporation’s serious low-solids, no-clean wave soldering flux technology. Each of the Project 99 wave fluxes are represented by heroes that deliver a balance of offensive powers (to defeat common soldering defects) and defensive powers (to protect against common reliability concerns).

It is critical to know that our Project 99 super heroes aren’t just for fun – they really work! Their characteristics have been identified using a battery of tests developed by a consortium of users and suppliers of flux, and documented by the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuitry in their specification IPC J-STD-004 (B). We’ll discuss more on the testing in future posts. For now, let’s meet our Project 99 team…

WF-9940, AKA PCB-40: Strong with excellent wetting, yet surprisingly electrically safe

WF-9945, AKA All-Star Engineer: Leaves behind electrically-safe residue and has excellent SIR performance

WF-9955, AKA The Alchemist: Contains no rosins and is halogen-free

WF-9958, AKA Shadow Warrior: Strong, excellent wetting, and excels during probe-testability

The following chart shows the general physical characteristics of each of our flux heroes.

Stay tuned for data that shows that our heroes are ready, willing, and able to solve your wave soldering challenges.

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